In-Parking shines at IPMI Parking and Mobility Conference and Expo

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The IPMI Parking and Mobility Conference and Expo, held recently, brought together a diverse range of parking and mobility industry professionals.  All of them eager to explore the latest trends and technologies driving efficiency for citizens, businesses, and cities. The event was a hub for knowledge sharing and networking, attracting attendees from various sectors. This included parking facility operators, technology providers, transportation authorities, and city officials, among other professionals.

In-Parking, a thriving player in the parking industry, made a significant impact at the expo with innovative solutions to revolutionize parking management. Attendees were captivated by their offerings and shared their positive experiences and insights about In-Parking’s solutions.

In-Parking showed its features

Highlighting the user-friendly nature of In-Parking’s solutions. Many attendees recognized the potential value the platform could bring to their day-to-day operations, praising its intuitive interface and ease of use.

“It’s different; normally, we have to go to a different website to export our data; this will help to have more control over it.” A representative from a transportation authority expressed their appreciation for In-Parking’s solution, acknowledging its ability to streamline data management. Representatives from other authorities were also thrilled to learn that the platform consolidates data exportation, eliminating the need for multiple solutions and granting them greater control over their valuable data.


“Having everything under one environment could bring efficiency to the difficulties of data management.” This positive remark, shared by a city official, shed light on the challenges associated with data management in the parking industry. Attendees were enthusiastic about the potential efficiency gains offered by In-Parking’s solution, as it provides a unified environment for seamless data management.

The IPMI Parking and Mobility Conference and Expo catalyzed industry professionals seeking to stay ahead by embracing cutting-edge technologies and exploring emerging trends. The event featured insightful panel discussions, informative presentations, and an exhibition floor with exhibitors showcasing the latest parking solutions.

In addition to In-Parking, other industry leaders and technology providers showcased their innovations at the conference. Exhibitors presented various solutions, including intelligent parking systems, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, mobile payment platforms, and advanced data analytics tools. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with experts and gain valuable insights into how these technologies can improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and optimize parking space utilization.

The place where industry experts meet

The conference featured thought-provoking sessions covering a broad spectrum of topics, including the impact of autonomous vehicles on parking infrastructure, integrating mobility services into parking management, and the role of data analytics in optimizing parking operations. Speakers included industry experts, researchers, and city officials who shared their knowledge and experiences, sparking engaging discussions and fostering a collaborative environment.


Networking played a vital role throughout the event, as attendees seized the opportunity to connect with industry peers, exchange ideas, and establish potential partnerships. The conference provided a dynamic platform for professionals to engage in meaningful discussions, gain insights from industry experts, and develop valuable connections. Attendees left the event inspired and equipped with new knowledge to drive innovation and efficiency in their respective fields.

As the parking and mobility industry continues to evolve, events like the IPMI Parking and Mobility Conference and Expo play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and ultimately shaping the industry’s future. In-Parking’s presence and the positive feedback from attendees reaffirm their commitment to delivering solutions that address the industry’s challenges and contribute to its growth.

In-Parking remains committed to driving innovation and collaborating with industry experts. As it continues participating in IPMI events and other industry gatherings, the company will bring cutting-edge solutions to the forefront. The IPMI Parking and Mobility Conference and Expo was a launching pad, paving the way for a more efficient, connected, and customer-centric parking ecosystem. Together, shaping the future of parking.

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