The fallacy of dashboards

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In-Parking Sight, an AI driven parking intelligence dashboard, has integrated with Flowbird, a global leader in curbside management and urban mobility solutions. Flowbird’s data integration highlights In-Parking’s commitment to work with industry leaders to further extend our clients ability to forecast and analyze their operations.

“In-Parking Sight’s goal is to bring together client solutions under one roof paving the way for deeper collaboration with our client’s data.  The addition of Flowbird to the In-Parking family will increase our client’s depth and breadth of end user analysis and decision making,” said Santiago R. Morales, CEO of In-Parking.

We are extremely pleased to be working with Flowbird as the additional information capabilities provided by the Flowbird team will be critical to our clients continued success.

About Flowbird

As a global leader, the Flowbird Group provides advanced technical solutions for parking, transport, and mobility, effectively deployed in numerous cities across the globe. Their innovative technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing urban mobility and ensuring efficient management of curbside resources, significantly impacting urban environments and transportation systems.

A parking intelligence dashboard that provides deeper insights into your parking and allow data-driven actionable insights. This also allows allocate resources with Financial Systems integrations and revenue control equipment.

Use real data and insights from citizens and customers for better decision-making to positively impact your business and the community by providing parking where and when needed.

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