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Download the case study to discover Miami Parking Authority’s (MPA) key improvements with the complete integration from start to finish with the:

  • Financial & operations system In-Parking ERP​

  • Facility management solution (In-Parking IMS)​

  • eCommerce platforms

  • GIS, POS, Revenue Control​

  • In-Parking SIGHT analytics platform​

  • Among others

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After the In-Parking implementation, MPA experienced:

Real-time services, decals, and permits for customers
Streamlined internal operations and processes
Improved reporting with deeper visibility into parking operations & performance
Around 160 saved hours per week of manpower
Reduced in-person visits to the customer service office
Widely supported Microsoft and eCommerce technologies
And much more.


In-Parking is an end-to-end flexible parking management system solution that integrates, operates, and modernizes operations for owners and operators. It is a data-driven ecosystem of solutions that helps facilitate, enhance, and manage parking operations with a tried and proven solution based on modern app architecture.

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“We reduced the number of customers that had to visit our office every month; the system allows them to handle the entire transaction online […] Also, we had a very manual process for customers placing an order and then having that information entered into the financial system, and then transferring the information from the financial system to the revenue control or the enforcement systems.“

-Henry Espinosa – IT Director at MPA

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