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By Paola López

The main problem that parking companies face when systematizing their processes is the difficulty of finding software that allows them to support all business needs in an integrated way. Currently, parking companies are forced to acquire multiple software to systematize their operations. Even many times, they must manage their operations in Excel with macros and reconciliations to take control of their processes and transfer the data to accounting. To meet this need, In-Parking has developed a parking solution ecosystem for the industry: 

Let’s break down these capabilities and what they will bring to your parking operations. 


Information Management System

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The Information Management System (IMS) is a versatile product designed to offer control over the total capacity and available spaces through the administration of permits, which means that its interface allows any integration with parking access control systems such as Skidata or Revenue control equipment.  

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Integrated with the ERP ​

It will allow the administration of the facilities in garages and lots, Meter Rentals, residential parking services, and the management of subscription contracts and deferrals, among other benefits. All of this affecting the accounting directly. One of the most critical challenges for parking companies is that the software that controls their operations is not integrated with accounting, and it ends up being built with information from multiple sources. An ERP with the parking operation modules in the software guarantees the transfer of financial information online, allowing greater control and less manual work.

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Integrated with eCommerce

It will allow you to manage waiting lists, view facilities on the map, and control spaces and permits, allowing activations, cancellations, waiting, and replacements, among other actions. 

Integrated with payment platforms

The system will allow you to receive payments through eCommerce and manage automatic payments through subscription contracts. For example, Payeezy is one of the payment platforms we integrate with. This integration allows customers to buy and pay for their services online through eCommerce and for specific payments to be reflected automatically in accounting. 

In conclusion, we are talking about a flexible and adaptable parking solution ecosystem where you can find support to address particular issues or purchase an integrated solution that combines all your needs in a single package. Additionally, it allows you to have complete visibility and control of your business. 

I hope you have gotten a sense of this comprehensive parking solution’s capabilities to support your business process. If you want more details about our parking ecosystem’s operation, we invite you to contact us and learn more about our revolutionary solution.

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