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By Daniela Beninati

One of the most common challenges in parking companies is managing to keep control of their products, parking spaces, and services under the same platform. In-Parking Information Management System (IMS) is an application created to have a 360-degree view of the business, in which the users find themselves with a friendly platform to keep updating and controlling their services. 

Today I will explain the Information Management System’s primary qualities and how its implementation can positively impact the control of the daily operations of a parking company. 

The main quality of IMS is focused on controlling parking spaces. This feature allows users to control and manage the facility’s total and available rental capacity. With this trait, the user can decide which product will be part of that total capacity, modify the availability of each product, and add or remove products per parking lot, allowing effortless management and oversight of the facility parking spaces.

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Suppose your company offers a waiting list option per facility. In that case, you can enable this feature to automatize the list management, review each customer’s position on the list when the request is sent, and send notifications if needed.   

A second key feature of the Information Management System is permit control. Here, the user will be able to manage the permits and find detailed information about the license, such as: 

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You also have the option to modify the permit status from Active, Cancel or On Hold, as well as change the permit or plate number. This allows the company to maintain effortless communication with the customers and will enable them to keep the services uptodate with their necessities without needing to purchase new services or do extra paperwork. 

Additional Information Management System features

The Contract Management and Control Table Modules are other great features of IMS. Contract Management allows you to manage your facility contracts while generating profitable reports through an integrated and effortless procedure where you can attend to any parking product available. The Control Table module will be the one allowing you to have all the previous data in one space, in here, you can see crucial information such as the permit number, the contract created for that customer, and the status of the scheduled bills between others. 

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Regarding internal control, the Information Management System provides a full report feature that allows you to see the products per price list or facility. You can also generate reports focusing on the permit status changes per customer or per permit type, allowing you to manage control of the services and the functionality of your company services.    

It is a great benefit that is easily integrated with the existing accounting and financial system of organizations or with the innovative In-Parking EPR, allowing optimum control over parking operations. 

In conclusion, with In-Parking IMS, you will gain a user-friendly platform where you will completely integrate your business model and necessities. It will allow you and your team to manage services, stay up-to-date with customer needs, and have complete visibility of your business functionality.   

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