Exploring the In-Parking Control Table feature and its benefits

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By Daniela Beninati

One of the main components of the In-Parking Information Management System (IMS) is the Control Table, a place where all the different data of the business converge, giving a detailed and complete view of the business status in a friendly and easy-to-use environment.

What is the In-Parking Control Table?

The Control Table is part of the In-Parking IMS, which provides a central location for all business data. It offers a detailed and complete view of the business status in a user-friendly ecosystem with real-time information on customer activity, service dates, and parking space management.

The Control Table also integrates with an ERP system and provides information on service or product management, contracts, invoicing, and finance. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the parking business and helps with forecasting and reporting.

Control table benefits

The main advantage of having all your information in the same environment is that you will be able to see detailed real-time data of what is going on with your customers and the service they acquire in real-time, which grants you complete control of your day-to-day and service provided by your company.

Another prominent feature of the Control Table is the service date visibility. In it, you will be able to see all the active service dates your customer has or had with the acquired services. You will also be able to have detailed information on the scheduled service dates if a customer has a subscription service and has already paid in advance for it.

Seamless integration

The Control Table can connect with your ERP and, as part of our IMS, is also connected in real-time with the status of the parking spaces that a specific customer is using in each service or facility, giving you more detail of what and how that space is being managed to help you with forecast and report data in the needed case.

Lastly, the Control Table is a great feature to manage the detail of each type of service or product you manage in your business and the contract created since you will have the detail of which service the customer has purchased, which parking lot the purchase has taken place in, and the detail of the contract (if it’s a contract service). Also, it can be connected to your ERP information related to the invoice and finance side of the business, as seen in the table.

The bottom line: Why should you use Control Table for your parking operations?

The Control Table should be used for parking operations as it provides several advantages, such as:

1. Real-time information:

You can see detailed real-time information on your customers’ processes and the services they acquire, giving you complete control of your day-to-day operations and the services provided by your company.

4. Service & product management:

Leverage detailed information on each type of service or product managed in the business, including the contracts created and which services the customer has purchased.

3. Seamless integration:

Easily connect with an ERP system and provide real-time data on the status of parking spaces, helping with forecasting and reporting.

2. Service date visibility:

Get complete visibility of all active and scheduled service dates, including subscription services and payment information.

5. Invoicing & finance:

Seamlessly integrate with your ERP information related to invoicing and finance, providing a comprehensive view of the organization.

If you are looking for a feature that can show you all the critical data of your business and parking management, the Control Table is the one that comes to provide a solution, and by using it with our IMS service, you will gain a 365-degree visualization of your parking business while improving the company’s decision-making.

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