An all-inclusive parking solution specifically designed for companies seeking to enhance financial, accounting, and operational results with an ERP aimed at the Parking industry.


Seamless parking solutions that increase your operations' productivity while seamlessly integrating with your current ERP.

Parking is not about space; it is about access.

Finance, Accounting, and Operations - ERP software

Information Management System embedded

No more business silos. Finance, accounting, parking, phone apps, contract management, and eCommerce are all connected, providing accurate visibility for both you and your stakeholders, and ensuring accounting and finance compliance. In addition, In-Parking ERP delivers a straightforward and embedded In-Parking Information Management System.

Approval Process

Automate your approval process with a customized Workflow and allow approval, rejection, or delegation actions. Manage and review contracts, perform billing queries, permit actions, and merge contracts in real time.

Data insights

Take advantage of In-Parking's real data, dashboards, and insights, providing you visibility into your business's financial and operational information while facilitating better decision-making.

Stand-alone solutions and services

In-Parking Info Management System (IMS)

Gain 360-visibility of the contract status and control your products and services with different app integrations and In-Parking Information Management System (IMS), optimizing your operations.

Parking applications and systems agnostic, view zones, garages, and lots at a granular level with integration, revenue control equipment, and GIS.

IMS allows you to follow the process of:


Unify the contract information and status, improving your business processes, operations and profitability.

Manage your In-Parking Information Management System from one solution while generating profitability metrics and usage metrics, leveraging the Dynamics and IMS integrations with an effortless procedure, attending any parking product category such as:

In-Parking Info Management System (IMS) Features

Contract Management

Manage and review contracts, perform billing queries, permit actions, and merge contracts in real-time, such as recurring services like customer subscriptions. Create a sales order and recurring invoices according to your customer's contract, both for credit and automatic debit payments.

Control table

Check the current and scheduled statuses of the permits, the service activation dates, the grace period time, the contract or contracts related to that permit, the customers associated with the license, and even keep track of the last event and where the source of change was made. You can update this process manually or automatically.

In-Parking SIGHT

Provide deeper insights into your parking and allow data-driven actionable insights into allocating resources with Financial Systems integrations and revenue control equipment.

Use real data and insights generated by citizens and customers for better decision-making to positively impact your business and the community by providing parking where and when needed.

Fully integrated with In-Parking ERP and In-Parking IMS, Pay-By-Phone, SkiData, Parkeon, and many others.

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Additional Services

Customer Service Add-on

Integrated with In-Parking Information Management System. Exceed expectations and bring value to every customer interaction by delivering faster-personalized support and service with built-in intelligence. Easy to integrate with In-Parking Information Management System and In-Parking ERP.

Quick Integration & eCommerce

In-Parking facilitates any integration with other essential parking apps such as Pay-by-Phone, GIS, Skidata, revenue control equipment, eCommerce, IMS, and more, providing up-to-the-minute information about your lots, garages, and on-street parking.

Payment Process

Manage your payment through eCommerce integrations such as Payze, PSE, PayPal, contract module, or manually, and run a bank reconciliation process to reconcile transactions with the payment report generated by your credit card processor.



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